Got good memory? Prove it! ...with Cubo! Cubo is a blazing fast puzzle game that will put your brain to the test. Memorize the right order of colors and repeat them correctly to go up in level. Quite similar in style to the good old popular board game “Simon Says”, the longer the sequence the higher your score. CHALLENGE THE COLORS Focus on remembering the toughest color chains! Focus on the sound, rhythm and colors to go as far as you can. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN Your memory will improve as you put it to the test in Cubo! Try to achieve the highest levels possible in this challenging and addicting puzzle game! TAP AND CHAIN Simple and intuitive touch controls help you quickly pick up and master Cubo! Remember the sequences and tap the right colored cubes to win. STUNNING RETRO VISUALS Relive this old robot memory board game with stunning visuals and refreshing colorful graphics.


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